Bam Glam Beauty was founded in February 2019 by Marlene Sanchez.

Marlene is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her love for beauty began when she was 18 years, "I remember the first time I put on mascara, my parents didn't want me to wear make up when I was younger, but the second I looked in the mirror and realized how much eyelashes enhanced my face, I knew there was no going back." 

Marlene's love for lashes over the years means she's tried thousands of different types and trends, Individual Single Lash Extensions, Man-Made Eyelash Extensions, Faux-Mink and Faux-Fox Lash Extensions, Silk Lash Extensions, Synthetic Lash Extensions, etc. You name it, Marlene has tried it. Marlene loved the way different lashes may have looked and the confidence that they gave her, she didn't love how damaging the process is to the actual eyes, skin and hair.

Marlene discovered a cost effective solution that would allow her to enhance her everyday beauty, eyelash strips. When she started wearing eyelash strips, she was never happy with the volume or the sizes available — They were never the perfect fit. 

"I was never happy finding the right eyelashes I have big eyes but I’m also very picky because I have 3 essential, go-to lash looks: 

1. My Regular Everyday Look 

2. My A Little Something Special Look - For going to the movies or go shopping

3. My Girls Night Out Look - For going to the club or wedding dramatic look.

With other brands, I wasn’t happy with the quality or the way the lash band was made, so I started buying cheap $2 lashes and glueing and stacking 2 pairs together to get that perfect fluffy volume lash that didn’t look so flat like other all the hairs the same length, I wanted that evenly distributed, fan lash." 

Afters years of trying different products, she decided that she needed to create the perfect product. Bam Glam Beauty's only mission is to provide eyelashes for the everyday woman, by giving them lashes that can be used with any style and for any occasion.

Bam Glam Beauty’s eyelashes allow women to express themselves no matter their style and no matter the size of their eyes. Catering to the everyday woman is something that current eyelash companies fail to do, and we are making the changes that matter.